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Form 1040nr

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Form 1040nr

Form 1040nr Part One -   Fuel Taxes and Fuel Tax Credits and Refunds Chapter 1 defines the types of fuel, taxable events, and exemptions or exceptions to the fuel taxes. Form 1040nr Chapter 2 provides information on, and definitions of, the nontaxable uses and explains how to make a claim. Form 1040nr Table of Contents 1. Form 1040nr   Fuel TaxesDefinitions Information Returns Registration RequirementsAdditional information. Form 1040nr Gasoline and Aviation GasolineTaxable Events Gasoline Blendstocks Diesel Fuel and KeroseneTaxable Events Dyed Diesel Fuel and Dyed Kerosene Alaska and Feedstocks Back-up Tax Diesel-Water Fuel Emulsion Kerosene for Use in AviationTaxable Events Liability For Tax Surtax on any liquid used in a fractional ownership program aircraft as fuel Certificate for Commercial Aviation and Exempt UsesExempt use. Form 1040nr Reseller statement. Form 1040nr Other Fuels (Including Alternative Fuels)Taxable Events Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)Taxable Events Fuels Used on Inland WaterwaysFishing vessels. Form 1040nr Deep-draft ocean-going vessels. Form 1040nr Passenger vessels. Form 1040nr Ocean-going barges. Form 1040nr State or local governments. Form 1040nr Cellulosic or Second Generation Biofuel Not Used as Fuel Biodiesel Sold as But Not Used as Fuel 2. Form 1040nr   Fuel Tax Credits and RefundsGasoline and Aviation Gasoline Undyed Diesel Fuel and Undyed Kerosene (Other Than Kerosene Used in Aviation)Sales by Registered Ultimate Vendors Diesel-Water Fuel Emulsion Kerosene for Use in AviationSales by Registered Ultimate Vendors Other Fuels (Including Alternative Fuels) Refunds of Second TaxOptional reporting. Form 1040nr Providing information. Form 1040nr Definitions of Nontaxable UsesCustom application of fertilizer and pesticide. Form 1040nr Fuel used between airfield and farm. Form 1040nr Fuel not used for farming. Form 1040nr Vehicles not considered highway vehicles. Form 1040nr Biodiesel or Renewable Diesel Mixture Credit, Alternative Fuel Credit, and Alternative Fuel Mixture CreditHow to Claim the Credit Filing Claims Claiming A Refund Claiming a Credit on Form 4136 Including the Credit or Refund in Income Prev  Up  Next   Home   More Online Publications
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Current scams and phishing sites posing as the IRS

Aug. 20, 2010:
There is a fraud risk you need to be aware of. It is related to the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System.

The IRS recently became aware of a fraudulent scheme targeting EFTPS users, the scheme uses an e-mail that claims your tax payment was rejected and directs you to a website for additional information. The website contains malware that will attempt to infect your computer.

If you receive a message claiming to be from the IRS or EFTPS, please:

  1. Do not reply to the sender, access links on the site or submit any information to them.
  2. Forward the message as-is immediately to us at
  3. How to report and identify phishing, e-mail scams and bogus IRS websites.
  4. If you receive a suspicious e-mail or discover a website posing as the IRS, please forward the e-mail or URL information to the IRS at
  5. EFTPS is a tax payment system provided free by the U.S. Department of Treasury. Pay federal taxes electronically via the Internet or phone 24/7. Visit EFTPS to enroll.

The IRS does not initiate taxpayer communications through e-mail.
Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 24-Mar-2014

The Form 1040nr

Form 1040nr Part Two -   Excise Taxes Other Than Fuel Taxes Table of Contents 3. Form 1040nr   Environmental TaxesOil Spill Liability Tax ODCs Imported Taxable Products Floor Stocks Tax 4. Form 1040nr   Communications and Air Transportation TaxesUncollected Tax Report Communications TaxLocal-only service. Form 1040nr Private communication service. Form 1040nr Exemptions Credits or Refunds Air Transportation TaxesTransportation of Persons by Air International Air Travel Facilities Transportation of Property by Air Special Rules on Transportation Taxes 5. Form 1040nr   Manufacturers TaxesImporter. Form 1040nr Use considered sale. Form 1040nr Lease considered sale. Form 1040nr Bonus goods. Form 1040nr Taxable Event ExemptionsRequirements for Exempt Sales Credits or Refunds Sport Fishing EquipmentRelated person. Form 1040nr Bows, Quivers, Broadheads, and Points Arrow ShaftsExemption for certain wooden arrows. Form 1040nr CoalExported. Form 1040nr Taxable TiresQualifying intercity or local bus. Form 1040nr Qualifying school bus. Form 1040nr Gas Guzzler TaxVehicles not subject to tax. Form 1040nr Imported automobiles. Form 1040nr VaccinesConditions to allowance. Form 1040nr Taxable Medical Devices 6. Form 1040nr   Retail Tax on Heavy Trucks, Trailers, and TractorsHighway vehicle. Form 1040nr Vehicles not considered highway vehicles. Form 1040nr Idling reduction device. Form 1040nr Separate purchase. Form 1040nr Leases. Form 1040nr Exported vehicle. Form 1040nr Tax on resale of tax-paid trailers and semitrailers. Form 1040nr Use treated as sale. Form 1040nr Sale. Form 1040nr Long-term lease. Form 1040nr Short-term lease. Form 1040nr Related person. Form 1040nr Exclusions from tax base. Form 1040nr Sales not at arm's length. Form 1040nr Installment sales. Form 1040nr Repairs and modifications. Form 1040nr Further manufacture. Form 1040nr Rail trailers and rail vans. Form 1040nr Parts and accessories. Form 1040nr Trash containers. Form 1040nr House trailers. Form 1040nr Camper coaches or bodies for self-propelled mobile homes. Form 1040nr Farm feed, seed, and fertilizer equipment. Form 1040nr Ambulances and hearses. Form 1040nr Truck-tractors. Form 1040nr Concrete mixers. Form 1040nr Registration requirement. Form 1040nr Further manufacture. Form 1040nr 7. Form 1040nr   Ship Passenger Tax 8. Form 1040nr   Foreign Insurance TaxesPremium. Form 1040nr 9. Form 1040nr   Obligations Not in Registered Form 10. Form 1040nr   Indoor Tanning Services Tax 11. Form 1040nr   Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Fee Prev  Up  Next   Home   More Online Publications